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Something About the Beatles

Jan 12, 2018

Back in September, I first talked Beatles with this Renaissance man, in the context of The Beatles with The Simpsons. As you listeners will remember, Dave had a lot to say about the Beatles well beyond the parameters of that TV show. Well he’s back, and the subject we set out to discuss was the Beatles’ use of acoustic instruments – something Dave is well-versed in.

But as conversations will, we went far afield from that, covering subjects ranging from sincerity to darkness versus happiness to re-arranging songs on the fly to what the Beatles were doing alongside their contemporaries. And as the momentum mounted, I realized that there were more things discussed than any one show could reasonably contain. So enjoy 129A; 129B coming up (so to speak)!

“I Am The Walrus” acoustic excerpt by Laurence Juber:
Revolver mash-up by Douglas Grant:

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