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Something About the Beatles

May 22, 2018

50 years: in the first of what will be a series throughout this year and next, we examine The Beatles’ Apple enterprise; focusing here on the start-up and in articular on Apple Publishing and the array of what-if talents drawn to the corps.

My guest is Axel Korinth, co-author of the two volumes of A is For Apple books – mammoth richly illustrated histories of Apple.

Songs heard in whole or in part:
1. Mary Hopkin – Those Were The Days
2. The Perishers – How Does It Feel
3. Coconut Mushroom – Any Day Now
4. Grapefruit – Dear Delilah
5. Jackie Lomax and Elvis Presley – How The Web Was Woven
6. Jackie Lomax – Sour Milk Sea
7. Grenville and Weston – Aeroplane (acetate)
8. Slow Dog – Little Girl
9. Crosby, Stills and Nash – Blackbird
10. Contact – Round and Round
11. Chris Hodge – We’re On Our Way
12. White Trash – Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight
13. The Iveys – I’ll Kiss You Goodnight
14. The Iveys – I’m In Love
15. John Tavener – excerpt from The Whale (Melodrama and Pantomime)
16. Elastic Oz Band – God Save Us
17. Brute Force – King of Fuh
18. Bojoura – Everybody’s Day
19. Jackie Lomax – New Day (BBC)
20. Contact – Lovers From The Sky
For more on the projects produced by Axel Korinth and Ed Dieckmann, see

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