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Something About the Beatles

Oct 29, 2019

Last year - upon the 50th anniversary of the release of The Beatles; that eponymous double album issued as the group's Apple debut - a symposium was convened at Monmouth College in New Jersey, as many of you know. An ad hoc band performed some tunes from the record as the accompaniment to a discussion convened for the podcast featuring Jack Petruzelli, multi-instrumentalist/producer/recording artist best known for his membership in the Fab Faux. His insights as a musician who has performed these very songs live many times helps us understand what the Beatles were going for in their unique approach to recording this particular project, a philosophy that spilled over into their next project. 

Thanks to Jack - Vinnie Zummo (heard in the Monmouth segment) - Marc Pepin - Marc Muller - Dan Eisenberg - Joe Rapolla - Kenneth Womack. 

(Field recording by BJ Rowling)