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Something About the Beatles

May 25, 2019

Apple Jam is a Seattle-based recording and performing outfit specializing in Beatles music; specifically, songs written by Lennon-McCartney and Harrison that, for the most part, went unrecorded/released as "Beatles" product.

My guests today are Richard Lovrovich, Jaekal Tristram and Doug Kilishek. In this conversation, they discuss the curation of obscure Beatles material: the selection process (what makes the cut - and what doesn't), the recording and the performance of this music.

Off The Beatle Track was released in 2009:
1. I'm In Love
2. Tip Of My Tongue
3. Love Of The Loved
4. You Know What To Do
5. I'll Be on My Way
6. I Don't Want To See You Again
7. Nobody I Know
8. I'll Keep You Satisfied
9. It's For You
10. Hello Little Girl
11. Like Dreamers Do
12. Bad To Me
13. A World Without Love
14. From A Window
15. One And One Is Two


Off The White Album was released in 2018:
1. Not Guilty

2. Child of Nature
3. Goodbye
4. Step Inside Love
5. The Rishi Kesh Song
6. Cosmically Conscious
7. India, India
8. Sour Milk Sea
9. What’s the New Mary Jane
10. Circles
11. Suicide