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Something About the Beatles

Sep 13, 2019

This show represents a deep (3 hour) dive into examining the evolving language of rock criticism: the ideology employed - the fluid definitions of "rock" and "pop" - the application of "authenticity" as a value to an artist's work, in this specific case, Paul McCartney and Wings. The 1970s was a time when rock critics achieved nearly the status of rock icons themselves: everyone from John Mendelssohn and Jon Landau to Simon Frith and Lester Bangs. Paul's post-Beatle career stands as an example of an artist that reviewers struggled to get a handle on, resulting in sometimes unfair assessments. 

Leading this exploration is PhD candidate (with an M.A. in Beatles, Popular Music, and Society) Allison Bumsted, currently studying in England at Liverpool Hope University. For ease of listening, the conversation has been split into two 90 minute parts.