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Something About the Beatles

Sep 23, 2019

Anybody hear anything about a newly-revealed taped Apple meeting from September 1969 that's been public knowledge since the 1970s? You will now, with the return of journalist/writer Ray Connolly. Ray was tight in The Beatles' orbit during their final years; with John and Paul especially. He was the only one outside their inner circle to learn that John had "quit" the group - his bio of John, Being John Lennon: A Restless Life, is now out in paperback, as is his indispensable collection, The Ray Connolly Beatles Archive. Last: his novella, 'Sorry, Boys, You Failed The Audition' is newly-published. It's a work of "alternative history" and has been presented as a BBC radio play

Ray and I discuss the end of The Beatles and their relationships going forward, as well as his 'Sorry Boys' project.