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Something About the Beatles

Jun 7, 2020

It seems particularly fitting at the time we find ourselves in to be discussing the art and career of rock pioneer Little Richard, who passed recently at 87. He represented a marginalized group in society, and his breakthrough, as unlikely as it was, carried with it resonance relevant to the present day. Add to that his absolutely key role in the development of The Beatles - going back to The Quarry Men days, really - and you can see why he is a subject worthy of a deep discussion. 

But the springboard for this show is the article published online at Vulture just after Richard's passing; it was written by returning guest, journalist Bill Wyman and really is essential reading: good.html 

The salacious aspects of Little Richard's life must be discussed in any thorough conversation about his life, but there's much more to the story. And as this is SATB, you can count on any number of other topics coming up, including Motown - touring - Elton John - David Bowie - the record industry - even The Replacements and The Ramones. (We also sneak in a word or two about The Beatles...)