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Something About the Beatles

Aug 13, 2020

Presented as forerunner of the inevitable show revisiting John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band to come later this year as part of the 50th anniversary, returning guest Chip Madinger (Eight Arms To Hold You, Lennonology) and I discuss some of the assorted odds and sods produced (or proposed) by John Lennon under the Plastic Ono Band brand circa 1969/1970. The POB debut year gave us the singles "Give Peace A Chance" and "Cold Turkey," but what about the other announced releases? ("Laughing"/"Whispers"; "You Know My Name"/"What's The New Mary Jane," and the mysterious instrumental, "Rock Peace"). 

Chip knows the work and chronology better than anyone when it comes to the solo Beatles and John Lennon in particular. He presents some astonishing information about what was originally planned for 1970 (and about the original form of "How Do You Sleep"). This one's a treasure trove for Lennononistas...

Check out his work at (including the current special).