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Something About the Beatles

Sep 11, 2020

For SATB's 200th episode (more or less), we're doing something special: returning with guest photographer/writer Ethan Russell, one of this most storied individuals in rock history through his iconic visual documentation of The Beatles, the Rolling Stones and The Who, to name three (scores more as well). Ethan was the official rock photographer of the Rock 'n' Roll Circus, the Let It Be sessions, the final Beatles group photo shoot, as well as behind tons of other classic images, most of which have been gathered up and published in his latest book, Photographs - a singular monograph of superlative visuals presented in stunning quality. It's available only at his website: 

I spoke with Ethan last year and this follow on covers more details of his work with the Fabs: his impressions of them individually - of Yoko - of the Let It Be project and Michael Lindsay-Hogg, as well as of Peter Jackson (of whose upcoming work Ethan got a peek). Ethan came of age in San Francisco and went to London in 1967 - within a year he was in the orbit of the top British acts of the day. As a chronicler of the times, his work and observations are impeccable.