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Something About the Beatles

Jun 24, 2016

Space - 6

In this special episode, Robert and Richard explore the possible connections between the Beatles and later generations of artists, whether influenced by or reacting to. Also: an exclusive interview with producer/musician Butch Vig (Nirvana – Smashing Pumpkins – Garbage), offering insights into Nirvana’s...

Jun 16, 2016

SATB 58In this extended episode, Richard and Robert pay tribute to The Beatles’ road manager-turned-producer/songwriter. Evans did more than lift and carry: he contributed musically in the studio and continued assisting and collaborating with them until his sad and tragic end at 40. Hear our analysis, musical clips and...

Jun 10, 2016


In this episode, Robert and Richard discuss three (or more) critical errors of judgment that cost The Beatles big time in terms of harmony and longevity. Drugs? Klein? Yoko? Lack of parity between the principle songwriters? Quitting touring? What were the factors that, had they gone another way, might have kept the...

Jun 2, 2016


In this episode, Richard and Robert provide an overview of their greatest post-break-up year: the music – the collaborations – the possibilities. Includes a special segment from our guest, Bob Ward.

Songs include “You’re Sixteen” and “Junior’s Farm.”

Check out this detailed 1974 timeline here.