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Something About the Beatles

Sep 25, 2020

You may know her as the award-winning veteran rock journalist (Creem, Kerrang!, Mojo, and so forth) who also penned the best-selling biography of Leonard Cohen: I'm Your Man: The Life of Leonard Cohen (2011), as well as Debbie Harry's memoir, Face It (2019). But as a music-stricken child growing up in London during the 1960s, she became what she'd describe later as "Beatle damaged" at an early age. 

Here, Sylvie recounts that backdrop when music was absolutely everything; so much so that, starting in 2014 and after a successful career as one of rock's most thoughtful scribes, she became a recording artist: first with Sylvie and now - six years later - Blue on Blue. Her musical endeavors have won her further praise, but on this show, she offers up her perspective and insights on the Beatles as a group and solo, through the eyes (and ears) of a journalist and fan.   

Her books, archive and interviews can be found here: