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Something About the Beatles

Jan 30, 2022

In this concluding hour of the conversation with Dennis Diken (The Smithereens), Pat Sansone (Wilco), Arion Salazar (ex-Third Eye Blind) and Luther Russell (Those Pretty Wrongs), we discuss:

The Get Back film as therapy for fans (and the world) 
Billy Preston
Ringo and Paul observations
Jamming with Heather 

Jan 22, 2022

Our panel of Pat, Arion, Luther and Dennis continues their conversation on Peter Jackson's Get Back documentary. 
Among the topics: 
The rooftop performance
The "Flowerpot conversation"
Bass stuff
The road to Abbey Road
Let It Be - the film
Partial transcript of the "Flowerpot Conversation"

Jan 15, 2022

Any analysis of the Get Back documentary would be remiss in not factoring in insights gleaned from those who've followed in The Beatles' professional footsteps: working musicians. To that end, I assembled a panel of some illustrious pros who also happen to be hardcore fans. Three are returning guests; one is new to...

Jan 1, 2022

In which returning guest Gary Wenstrup and I continue our ranking conversation of faves, discussing A Hard Day's Night and Beatles For Sale.  Along the way, we analyze their vocals and blendings, as well as what personal experiences may inform the writing.