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Something About the Beatles

Oct 21, 2020

Back in May 2020, my guest Gary Wenstrup and I presented the first half of our conversation, where we offered up our respective lists of what people in Beatle world we would like to be able to sit down and interview: insiders who knew The Beatles well - worked with and for them - and essentially operated as part of the infrastructure; people who haven't been tapped out as interview subjects. 

Here are more names we came up with of folks still among the living that may end up on the show yet - time will tell. 

Gary is a lecturer and adjunct professor at College of DuPage, specializing in Beatles and classic rock.    

PS: Guess who's on an upcoming episode of the Fans on the Run podcast?  Ethan Alexanian and I just had a lengthy sit down.  

Also, remember Luther Russell evoking the Yesterday and Today podcast? He and I both contributed to their upcoming 100th episode.