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Something About the Beatles

Mar 27, 2022

"Every aspect of what they put out there just became so attractive to people who encountered it, whether it was in the 60s, (when) it was all new, or later generations interfacing with that material, and still being dazzled by all the aspects of it. Not just the music, but the evolving style that they had. Again, as Brian Epstein said so beautifully, he was overwhelmed by their personal charm. Everybody is overwhelmed by The Beatles’ personal charm. Everybody."
The concluding hour of my conversation of Dr. Christine Feldman-Barrett (A Woman's History of The Beatles) covers
  • The role of women in setting examples for The Beatles when they were young.
  • The effects that The Beatles had on the women who enjoyed watching them.
  • Perspectives on screaming at concerts and what it expressed.
  • How The Beatles held themselves played a role in changing cultural norms for women.
  • How The Beatles have helped people to see the beauty in everyday life.