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Something About the Beatles

May 13, 2022

The conclusion of the discussion Gary Wenstrup and I had in rating individual tracks on the albums named here, as well as the 1966 Capitol release, "Yesterday"...and Today. 

I think, is so overlooked, both message-wise and musical construction-wise. It's one of those songs, first of all, musically, based on piano. Not a lot of guitar, except those little stabbing, which was a 1965 sound in other people's records that year. Nice block harmonies. Then John breaking out his own for the verses, starting this implicitly spiritual song, the first words out of his mouth of the verse in the beginning. Nice touch. That's beautiful. It's this precursor to certainly, All You Need is Love and Give Peace A Chance. It's him. It's messianic John for the first time, really wanting to use his platform to promote something good. They'd said that they're all potheads at this point. I mean, they'd taken acid a couple of times at this point, but not the full immersion by the time of Revolver.
That has to be what's informing his wanting to evangelize on behalf of love at this point. It's interesting that they didn't use this one for Yellow Submarine, because that whole love thing at the end in pepper land, in the face of the mayonnaise, it seems like it would be enmeshed right in there. I guess, they had All You Need Is Love. That was what they went with. I think, it's a great message, a great performance, nice arrangement. I love that organ. Then there's that whole musical, we're going to build a song around one note and it's got that drone throughout it, so you've got that musical experimentation going on at the same time.
Not a song that got a lot of airplay. I don't know if anybody ever covered it. One, they never seemed to look back at it, but it's an early clue to the new direction. It's just this forerunner of lots of things that would come and they just pull it off. They don't sound like you're being preached to. It works as a pop ditty, but also, it's like, wow, it's got a really good message to it, that's bigger than boy-girl relationships.