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Something About the Beatles

May 21, 2022

Long on the list of my coveted guests has been singer-songwriter Sam Brown. The daughter of Joe Brown - an early UK rock legend - and Vicki Brown - an astonishingly gifted singer herself - Sam's career as an artist kicked off in 1988 with Stop!, the first of seven albums. (The first letter of the titles spell out her name - the 8th installment, titled Number 8 is due out this year.) Sam is also known for singing with Pink Floyd and David Gilmour, as well as on television and on tour with Jools Holland. It was with Jools that Sam took center stage at the 2002 Concert for George, stealing the show with her reading of George's last recorded composition, "Horse To The Water." 

She has remained active as a performer and a recording artist, despite tragically losing her ability to sing in 2007, following surgery. The mysterious condition forced a re-think of her career and led to her establishing a decade-long running school empowering folks to take up ukulele. In this conversation, we discuss her career and the struggles of being an artist - her friendship with the Harrisons and working with George - the concert - and how she's managed the challenging events that followed. 

Sam is resourceful and an artist whose rich catalog is worth exploring. You can check out her work here: 
Vicki Brown's farewell to fans:
Joe Brown sharing a 1964 stage with The Beatles:
Sam at Concert for George: 
"Stop!" live:  

"Valentine Moon" - fixed: