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Something About the Beatles

May 31, 2022

After shows post-Get Back with guests representing American musicians, multi-generation female fans, and the film's maker (Peter Jackson), conspicuously missing from the SATB conversation to this point has been the POV of British fans/musicians. No longer: today's guests are drawn from the UK music scene and ALL have a deep fandom for The Fabs - some have even worked with one or more. 

Producer John Leckie first came to SATB in late 2020 to discuss his experiences working on John and Yoko's 1970 Plastic Ono Band albums; thereafter, he appeared at Fab4ConJam to recall working on All Things Must Pass. Afterward, his career during the '80s and beyond included working as producer for some top UK talent, including, Stone Roses, XTC, Radiohead...and Simple Minds. By sheer happenstance, John has worked with BOTH of his co-guests, who are new to SATB: bassist Derek Forbes worked with a number of Scottish acts, including The Subs, Simple Minds, Big Country, etc, while Ian McNabb fronted The Icicle Works: "Birds Fly (Whisper to a Scream)." ALL are hardcore Beatle fans going back a ways, and each fully immersed themselves in the 8 hours of Get Back.

But the conversation ran far broader, covering their fandom during the 70s, working with an ex-Beatle, the Liverpool scene post-Beatles, Stiff records, musical influences, Dan Richter, Mickie Most, Wings, and a lot more. It's a freewheeling conversation and you haven't heard the last of these guys on the Something About The Beatles podcast.