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Something About the Beatles

Nov 16, 2022

In which the worlds of three returning guests collide to discuss 1) is there (or should there be) a common starting point for all critiques of art and 2) the world of rock criticism generally - what's the purpose and where does it go wrong? 

Dr. Allison Bumsted is a popular music scholar, specializing in teen magazines (Teen Set in particular) and has written extensively on rock criticism on the 60s and 70s. She appeared on SATB here and here

Kyle Driscoll is a writer for and this article is where the conversation began: 
He was on SATB here

Bill Wyman has been writing and reviewing art and music for 30 years for outlets ranging from the Chicago Reader to NPR, EW, WSJ and currently with New York and His ranking of The Beatles list can be found here
His SATB appearances include this and this

Check out the Beatles Song Sorter here.