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Something About the Beatles

Nov 16, 2023

The first half hour+ was taped live at The Fest in August 2023, as you can doubtless tell. The rest was done in the usual way, and you'll note we didn't necessarily cover everything we listed in great detail, but that's showbiz. 

Here's Erin's list:
1. A Hard Day's Night film
2 and 3. The Internet. Two slots because I see it impacting the historiography in two major ways: First, it has vastly increased accessibility to primary sources and research materials that in previous decades were extremely difficult to find. Second, its fundamentally changed the fandom experience thru podcasts, discussion boards, etc. 
4. Hunter Davies: The Beatles - An Authorized Biography
5. Lennon Remembers/Rolling Stone
6. Mark Lewisohn: The Complete Beatles Recording Sessions
7. Philip Norman: Shout!
8. The Beatles Anthology (mainly the documentary, but the book, too). 
9. Barry Miles: Many Years From Now
10. Christine Feldman Barrett's A Women's History of the Beatles
Here's mine: 


  1. Red and Blue albums

  2. The Beatles: An Illustrated Record by Roy Carr and Tony Tyler

  3. Shout!

  4. Lennon Remembers

  5. Here, There and Everywhere by Geoff Emerick

  1. Important

  1. The Beatles and The Historians by Erin Torkelson Weber

  2. Lewisohn Chronicles/Tune In

  3. Love Me Do by Michael Braun

  4. The Beatles: An Authorized Biography

  5. A Women's History of The Beatles

What's your list look like?