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Something About the Beatles

Dec 25, 2013

[powerpress]SATB 4


Mono vs. Stereo/I Want To Hold Your Kozinn

In this show, Robert and Richard discuss some of the mono/stereo variations heard throughout the Beatles recordings, as well as the US vs. UK releases."I Want To Hold Your Hand," issued fifty years ago, is discussed with New York Times writer Allan Kozinn, author...

Nov 27, 2013

03: With The Beatles Live at the BBC 2 

In this show, Richard and Robert discuss the group's second album, released fifty years ago. They also talk about the new release of the Beatles Live at the BBC volume 2, as well as a bit about The Korgis and the show's theme song.

Nov 5, 2013

Pilot: The Storm Before the Storm: October 1963

In this edition, Richard and Robert discuss the events of autumn 1963 as the Beatles’ career began to take off fifty years ago, paving the way for their conquest of America. Hear the sounds, discussion and exclusive interviews with Beatle historian Mark Lewisohn, author...

Nov 2, 2013


In this show, Richard and Robert continue with part two of their exclusive interview with Beatles historian Mark Lewisohn, who talks about the making of his acclaimed new best-seller, All These Years: Volume One—Tune In. Also, the music of John Lennon - in and out of the Beatles - is discussed, as well as the making...