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Something About the Beatles

Dec 20, 2015

SATB 35At holiday season, your hosts – Robert and Richard – present a stroll down memory lane, presenting some favorite clips from the over 30 episodes of Something About The Beatles they’ve presented. Heard here: rare tracks – isolations – live cuts – guest interviews – bells.

Christmas is coming and...

Dec 11, 2015

Space - 16

In this extended episode, Richard and Robert examine the singing of John Lennon, commemorating the thirty-five years since his passing with a look at his unique vocal artistry, as a Beatle and solo.

Songs include: “Twist and Shout” and “Happiness is a Warm Gun.”

Christmas is coming and the Something About...

Dec 3, 2015

IMG_5239Fifty years ago this week, Rubber Soul was released in the UK and US. But the differences between the two editions were striking, and are worth a discussion. Robert and Richard examine the differences, as well as the context of the times and what might have been.

Songs include: “I’m Looking Through You” and...

Nov 24, 2015

SATB 32 rev

In this special holiday week edition of Something About The Beatles, Richard and Robert offer up their takes on The Beatles’ “turkeys” – missteps, bad ideas or otherwise lesser efforts. (Here’s a clue: it’s their shortest episode yet!)

Christmas is coming and the Something About The Beatles 2016...

Nov 21, 2015


In this episode, Robert and Richard analyze the new CD/DVD package: the good – the bad – the phoned in. They are joined by their friend and yours, Mark Lewisohn, as well as video archivist Erik Taros, who worked on the new promos set. (He also contributes to the upcoming Ron Howard live documentary project.)