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Something About the Beatles

Sep 30, 2016


In this episode, Robert and Richard discuss the reissue of the classic 1977 album of the 1964 and 1965 Hollywood Bowl concerts, concurrent with the Ron Howard Eight Days A Week documentary.

Songs include “If I Fell, “I Feel Fine,” “I Wanna Be Your Man” and “I’m Down.”

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Sep 24, 2016


In this expanded edition, Richard and Robert examine the new film on The Beatles’ performing years, in theaters and on Hulu; as well as the restored Shea Stadium concert film. Joining us are two guests who contributed to the project: renowned archivist Erik Taros and author (Some Fun Tonight”) Chuck...

Sep 9, 2016


In this expanded episode, Richard and Robert discuss the parallels between the concurrent releases, George’s All Things Must Pass and John’s Plastic Ono Band. Songs include “Beware of Darkness,” “Let It Down,” “Love” and “Mother.”

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