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Something About the Beatles

Oct 27, 2016


In this episode, Robert and Richard explore mortality as experienced by the members of the Beatles: friends, family, acquaintances – the inner circle; and how it was reflected in their music. Songs include “Art of Dying,” “Deep Blue” and “Lonely Road.”

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Oct 21, 2016


In this episode, Richard and Robert talk with the host of the Multitrack Meltdown podcast, author/musician Anthony Robustelli (I Want To Tell You: Volume 1 1962/1963; Steely Dan FAQ). His specialty is revealing what lies beneath the surface of the masters of Beatles and Beatles-related recordings. Here, you’ll...

Oct 14, 2016

satb-75Some day Robert and Richard will devote a show to their favorite covers of songs written BY the Beatles, but in this 90-minute episode, they run down some of their favorite songs written by other artists that they recorded or performed; where recordings exist. Songs include material that originated with Buddy Holly,...

Oct 7, 2016


In this episode, Richard and Robert chat with Chip Madinger, co-author of Lennonology: Strange Days Indeed – A Scrapbook of Madness. Chip is also the co-author (with Mark Easter) of the acclaimed Eight Arms To Hold You: The Solo Compendium. (2000).

Songs include “Nobody Told Me and Aisumasen (I’m...