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Something About the Beatles

Nov 25, 2016

satb-81It occurred to us, as it must have with everyone else, that the release of Eight Days A Week really called for an accompanying soundtrack, or at least a parallel collection of music spanning the whole of The Beatles’ documented live performing career. Into that void Robert and Richard have stepped, with their...

Nov 17, 2016

satb-80At the suggestion of Executive Producer Rick Wey, Richard and Robert discuss “the Kinfauns Tapes” (or “the Esher Demos”): 27 new songs composed by John, Paul and George mostly in Rishikesh, India during the Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation retreat in early 1968 and taped at George’s home in advance...

Nov 14, 2016


Reminisce with Robert and Richard through a post-Beatles year where residual mania was still rampant, taking the form of two motion pictures – two television specials – two albums from ex-Beatles – (at least) two new books – and a resurgence of re-releases, re-packaged in visually attractive forms. Songs...

Nov 4, 2016


Given the imminent wind-down of the current political season, Richard and Robert thought it timely to examine the political interests connected to The Beatles, both during and after their collective career. Songs include “Taxman,” “All You Need Is Love” and Save The World.”

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