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Something About the Beatles

Mar 25, 2017

SATB 98 final

Like all successful artists, The Beatles drew from sources all over the place, some obvious; some not so much. In this detailed discussion, Richard and Robert provide a precise rundown of songs and artists whose work directly impacted particular Beatle recordings.

Songs include “Albatross” and “The Inner...

Mar 20, 2017

704-725 - 32

The esteem held by The Beatles for Chuck Berry is obvious if one considers that they performed more songs penned by him than any other single artist. This musical icon’s shadow looms large: as a performer – as a songwriter – as a guitarist. Not for no reason were his songs among the first learned by aspiring...

Mar 12, 2017

1210- - 16

Covering the period of John’s lifetime, Richard and Robert examine the recordings produced by the formerly Fab foursome and how their individual artistry contributed to each other’s work.

Songs include “I’m The Greatest and “Oh My Love.”

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Mar 3, 2017


This episode features Robert and Richard in conversation with singer/songwriter Ann Wilson from Heart, who reveals how her deep love for The Beatles set her and sister Nancy on their life path from childhood. Also featured is Heart’s guitarist Craig Bartock (his second appearance), who offers insight into how a...